Long Range Shooting Course

Once a shooter conquers distances of 100 and 200 yards it becomes almost foolish to spend centerfire ammo at these ranges. Even a budget rifle is capable of hitting targets more than half a mile away with quality ammo and optic, as long as the shooter is up to the task.

Just a short ride to Lewistown Pennsyvania (4 hours from Nassau County) and you will find our Long range course where in just one day we will teach you how to hit targets up to and including your rifles maximum range as we engage steel from 400 yards to distances in excess of 1,000 yards.

This course is proudly sponsored by Champion Targets as they have provided enough steel for each 100 yard increment!

NO PREREQUISITE! – Long range experience is not required for this course as it is intended for beginners, however experience with your rifle and optic is mandatory.

In this course we cover:

  • Advanced Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Wind Reading
  • Bullet Flight Characteristics (drift and trajectory)
  • Using a Chronograph
  • Making a D.O.P.E Log
  • Understanding Scope Reticles and MOA
  • Selecting and Troubleshooting Equipment
  • Using Ballistic Calculations Software
  • 5 hour  – Long Range Fire Session


Materials Necessary:

  • Scoped centerfire rifle with high magnification (12x or higher) optic, caliber .223 or higher *.223 must have a bullet weight of 75 grains or heavier.
  • .50 BMG is not allowed as it destroys targets.
  • 240 rounds of match ammo that can hold a group of at least 1.5″ at 100 yards. 400 rounds recommended – handloads are welcome.
  • Spotting scope
  • A shooting mat or beach towel
  • Bipod or rest that is over 9″ tall
  • Lodging the night before. Both the Burnham, PA Super 8 and Burnham, PA Comfort Inn are clean, affordable and less than 10 minutes from the range. The Waterside Campground is approx 20 minutes from the range should you wish to camp.
  • a limited number of loaner rifles are available with advanced notice. Ammunition is the students responsibility. In this event NO HANDLOADS are allowed, as we will require a specific factory match round. Be prepared to spend $200- $300 in ammunition if you are borrowing a rifle. If you are borrowing a rifle we will email you after registration with availible options.
  • Bagged Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • Chair
  • Recommended: Laptop computer (you will receive free ballistics software)
  • Recommended: Spotting scope or Binoculars 20x or greater


It’s essential that shooters considering this course are already proficient at 100 yards.

Each Student must be checked into their hotel room before 11pm the night before.

Traffic is too unpredictable to leave the day of. 


Open to ages 12+


This is not an NRA-approved course, it was constructed in its entirety by Frank Melloni.

Join our mailer for announcements on when this course will be offered next, This course can be brought to your local range or gun club, or taught to a 1 on 1, please inquire for pricing and availability.

All courses only open to US Citizens with US issued ID.

Defensive Shooting II – Shooting on the move


Defensive Shooting II : Shooting on the move


Once a shooter has become proficient with point shooting and close engagements, it becomes time to train for dynamic scenarios that involve moving, shooting from cover and engaging multiple targets. We accomplish this through a series of drills in a static target pit as well as drills in a IPSC style shooting stage where shooters will have to navigate a course of fire with their entry team as well as engage moving targets while making decisions.

This course has been developed with the help of Marine Corps Combat Veterans Sean Krecko and Matthew Parente who will be conducting it almost in its entirety. Matt and Sean will be taking the lead and sharing techniques that they have personally fielded in operation Iraqi freedom and in Afghanistan in the same respectful environment that you have associated with Renaissance Firearms Instruction.

Learn the essentials for a more involved shooting scenario regardless of the firearm that you have available, as well as how they apply to modern practical shooting competitions such as USPSA , IDPA and 3-Gun.Each drill can be performed with rifle, pistol or shotgun. Students can bring any style firearm to the course as each firearm style will be covered for each drill. This course will extensively cover fast paced shooting as well as efficient reloading in a100% practical lesson. You will  perform drills that will test your reaction time, learn how to clear a room and learn ho to engage multiple targets.

This course will also satisfy the Florida State AND Arizona State Concealed Carry Permit Proficiency Requirement if completed with a handgun.

Bringing your own firearm is recommended, however one can be made available to you with ammo, free of charge. Pistol permit holders will be issued a Walther Arms pistol, Non permit holders will be issues a .22lr rifle

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Whenever considering adding a firearm to your defensive strategy consult with a qualified attorney to understand the legality and possible consequences of the use of deadly force

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This course will involve moderate exercise. Check with your doctor to ensure that you can participate without issue.


In this course we cover:

  • Firearm Safety Under Stress
  • Room clearing
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting from cover
  • Threat identification
  • Multiple target engagement
  • And More!


Requirements and Restrictions

  • If bringing a firearm (see below for firearm requirements) it must be zeroed as close as possible with the ammo you will be bringing.
  • 200+ rounds of ammo if you are bringing your own firearm (any caliber, even rimfire)
  • 3 magazines , 5 recommended
  • Pen and pad
  • Ages 16+
  • All courses only open to US Citizens with US issued ID






FIRST TIME SHOOTERS: We recommend an NRA Basic Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun course or private lesson as a starting point prior to this course.


Recommended Skill Level

  • 20 hours of RECENT (within 9 months) range time is recommended for this course at a minimum.
  • Range time can be on your own, under professional instruction or a combination of the two.
  • Defensive Shooting : I is HIGHLY recommended prior to this course.
  • Firearms function will NOT be covered.

A student taking this course is expected:

  • To already have safe firearms handling skills
  • To understand how to load their firearm
  • To understand how to unload their firearm
  • To understand how to load while keeping the chamber empty
  • To understand how to use controls like slide locks, magazine releases, safeties, de-cockers ect.
  • To understand the cycling process of their firearm





  • Your own firearm that meets the specifications below
  • Magazine speed loader like the UpLULA
  • Magic Marker
  • Outside the Waistband holster
  • 5 Magazines, Min 3.


  • Semi Auto
  • 3+Detachable magazines
  • Any optic with less than 4x magnification (red dot, iron sights or 1x recommended)
  • Any caliber
  • Fixed magazine rifles are not permitted.



  • Semi Auto or revolver
  • 3+ Detachable magazines or revolver speed loaders
  • Any Caliber
  • Any optic with less than 4x magnification (red dot, iron sights or 1x recommended)


  • Pump Action or Semi Auto
  • 3+ capacity
  • Must have a buttstock (No pistol grip only shotguns)
  • Any Caliber
  • Any optic with less than 4x magnification (red dot, iron sights or 1x recommended)