“I am the mother of a teenage boy who is interested in weapons and ballistics, is an avid Airsoft weapon owner and participant and whose future definitely involves gun ownership as a hobby or career or both. As one customer said, shooting lessons are not always a comfortable topic for most women at social gatherings, and I felt like other parents would think I was crazy to have my son fire an actual gun. But I signed up my son for a Basic Rifle Lesson with Frank Melloni because I felt very strongly that it was important that he realize the seriousness and responsibility of safe gun ownership and use. Frank is the perfect teacher, he is very patient and extremely knowledgeable, and as a Mom, I am particularly impressed with his emphasis on safety and the importance of following the rules and etiquette of the firing range. He is a great role model in that respect. My son is still taking lessons with Frank, months after his first lesson. He has learned so much from Frank, I can’t thank him enough.” ~ BW, 54, Huntington, NY

“If you have not chosen Frank Melloni and his team of instructors you have short changed yourself!

You are missing out on an experience to work with very knowledgeable firearms enthusiasts.

I have been shooting with them for over a year. When I started my lessons I did not even know how to hold a pistol. Frank and his team have such a calm assured way of instructing, they brought out my confidence. I felt “I could do this!”

No lesson is boring or the same as the last. Frank always has new ideas – we shoot different caliber pistols, types of targets and distances, even different locations which offer different shooting positions and scenarios!

I have taken FIVE courses with Renaissance Firearms Instruction; NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle, Advanced Rifle, NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading, and even the refresher rifle course that’s offered exclusively to return shooters! All the while attending nearly weekly private sessions.

I have enjoyed every moment, and crave more!

Frank, THANK YOU!” ~ MK, 65 Huntington

“The basic rifle shooting class is great for the beginner with little or no knowledge of rifle shooting and even for those who just want a refresher. The class was awesome and taught by Frank Melloni and his assistant Erik Lundoy. Both instructors are very knowledgeable in this field. Through this course I learned how to properly and safely handle, load and shoot a rifle. I also learned range etiquette, This is just a few things I learned taking this course. I would recommend this course as a must for those seriously interested and starting out in the world of rifle shooting. Five Stars for you Renaisance.” ~

“Just sending you this note to let you know that I found your. NRA Basic Pistol Course both informative and enjoyable. Your methods of instruction are professional and courteous.Your instructions are clear, concise, and complete.

Thank you!” ~

“Thank you for clearly explaining the proper way to approach the reloading process.  I had been given a lot of information from a lot of bad sources, and you straightened me out.  I feel I’m on the right path to begin the very first step of purchasing the required equipment. I’m more confident now that I have a good understanding and fundamentals to begin reloading.  And yes I will take your advice and begin reloading rifle cartridges.  Thanks again for all your help.” ~

“I do not usually send in comments about things but wanted to say that without any hesitation I would recommend your class. Four years ago  (this will be season # 5) I decided that I wanted to hunt with a pistol I told myself that I had shot enough deer with a rifle and that it was time to up the ante. Got my license, bought a 357 and then shot as much as possible. No deer came within range for 2 years, well just by a bigger gun . I knew that I had a grip problem and could not figure it out. This only manifests itself when you go bigger. When you shoot rifles for a long time and then switch to trying to hunt with a pistol you think that you will be able to figure it out you tell yourself that its just a learning curve. Well that learning curve starts to cost a lot in ammo after a while and you find yourself not getting that much more proficient. Frustration sucks and missing a 60 yard shot after waiting 4 years you blame yourself for not practicing more. Practicing bad habits will never improve your shot this much I knew. The NRA Basic Pistol class was time well spent. I left feeling confident and now it is just a matter of practicing and reinforcing my new found grip. I did think of a question on the way home about gripping a smaller hand gun ( my kit gun) I will ask you about it at the reloading class. Thanks again!” ~

“My time at Renaissance Firearms was most memorable. I attended a group instruction class, where Frank and his assistant reinforced all elements of safety first, which made the experience all the more fun. Learning about the history of rifles was very educational and entertaining. I truly enjoyed meeting and learning from a person whom I genuinely consider a professional educator and instructor. The equipment we used were first rate, well preserved, and fully functional which only highlights Frank’s dedication to providing an authentic atmosphere where one can learn the historical aspects of weapons throughout history. What I learned on the range will stay with me a long time. I had a great experience, and look forward to doing it again.” ~

“I was looking for someone who could help me move beyond amateur status in both rifle and pistol shooting.  Frank, from Renaissance Firearms Instruction, far exceeded my expectations in not only what I learned from his training, but how effective he was at identifying areas for improvement, explaining the mechanics of the disciplines he taught me and what I needed to know, and most importantly: by providing me the instructions I needed to become SKILLED in almost no time.  This is critical because the training I received from Frank has been the most efficient use of time and money, by far — particularly when ammunition availability and price has been at a premium!  It makes no sense to burn up ammo practicing bad habits or without the understanding of what you are trying to achieve or how to achieve it!   I am now getting hits on steel at 385M with little effort with my rifle.  Frank’s help gave me the confidence I needed with my pistol to actually start competing in pistol matches and being able to make good hits on targets under pressure.  His safety training made me feel comfortable enough to go to matches where safety is scrutinized continuously.

On top of all that, Frank is the nicest guy, goes out of his way to help and give advice, and does so in a  very professional manner.” ~

“My first class with Renaissance Firearms Instruction was the basic rifle class. As someone who was somewhat familiar with rifles and firearms I went in thinking I would learn  little but didn’t think it would hurt to spend a day having fun at the rifle range with a true professional. Oh, how I was wrong! I learned so much that I still use today and recommend the class to anyone who wants to learn firearm basics. The second class I took was the historical firearms shoot. As a history enthusiast like Frank, I was beyond excited for this, and he didn’t disappoint. I think you could have seen my smile shooting the one of my favorite rifles from a mile away. I had so much fun I will happily spend the money to do the same thing all over again! Anyone who has found American military history interesting should give it a try, its fascinating firing some of the same rifles our greatest generation did defending our freedoms we have today.” ~

“I attended the NRA Basic Pistol Course given by Frank over this past summer. The hands on training, course material, and overall firearms safety instruction were excellent. The live fire section of the course was fantastic, and working with Frank I modified my grip and in the many months since the class my target acquisition and accuracy remains extremely consistent. In addition, this course has fulfilled a number of state’s training requirements for CCW licenses…highly recommend this class for all shooters.” ~

“I attended the NRA Metallic reloading class of Frank’s and I must say, he made me feel really comfortable with the idea that I could actually reload my own ammo. Frank is a very good instructor and made a very clear and easy to understand the program. He showed us how to use Hornady’s high quality reloading equipment and showed how truly easy it is to use their products. I immediately left the class with the knowledge to know how to get started on my own, but offered himself for any future questions I may have. I have been in the military, a law enforcement officer, and a firearms instructor for over a decade and am in the firearms industry at Henry rifles and know a knowledgeable instructor when I see one and Frank Melloni is truly a Top Notch Instructor!!!” ~

“First and foremost, Frank is all about safety.   He began the lesson with a thorough explanation of firearms safety.  As a woman, with no previous firearms training, I was initially nervous about taking a shooting lesson but his knowledge and experience immediately made me feel at ease.  My confidence grew as we progressed through the lesson.   By the end of the lesson, I was more skilled through his professional and kind encouragement.” ~

“I don’t care how much you have been shooting weapons, there is still something of value you will learn taking these courses. I have now taken courses in pistol, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and just recently muzzle loading weapons which include percussion and flint lock. Although I have been shooting these weapons for a long time I decided to take the course on rifles from Renaissance. Frank is a fantastic guy, and it makes it a pleasure taking a course from someone like him. I really did not think I would learn something really new but these courses do bring you up to date on this hobby. I was very surprised to learn two very important disciplines of using a rifle I never knew from Frank. Believe it or not, I told my shooting buddies about what I had learned and they to were very happy to know these as well. One of these disciplines was more than worth five times the cost of the class. Knowledge is power. Totally understanding the in’s and out’s of these weapons goes without saying. Every course I have taken I always learn something I never knew. I highly recommend taking courses from Renaissance and I am looking forward to taking advanced courses with Frank in the future. He also supplies everything you need.” ~

“I enrolled in the NRA Basic Rifle Course to get a better understanding of my rifle (I own a Ruger .22 caliber) and to improve my shooting ability since time on the range is limited for me. Not only did Frank and the staff of Renaissance fulfill my initial expectations, but went above and beyond them with essential safety procedures for any gun owner and tips that improved my shooting tenfold. I was so impressed with Frank and Renaissance that I took my niece along on a private lesson (she also owns a Ruger .22) and it furthered my knowledge of my firearm, my shooting ability and the served as a refresher to the all important precautions of owning a firearm and shooting range etiquette and eased my niece’s trepidations about shooting. If you own a firearm or are entertaining the thought of becoming a gun owner, taking a class or lesson with Renaissance is essential. You will get useful and insightful information, tips and pointers from a staff that is beyond patient and extremely pleasant when addressing your questions or concerns.” ~

“After learning about Franks reloading class, I drove out to take his class.  I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the craft and history of munitions. His classes are well organized and his teaching style makes the process simple to understand. His hands on portion of the class really built my confidence to be able to start reloading right away. Frank is a great instructor who is very approachable and willing to share his knowledge with everyone.  I am looking forward to taking more classes with frank.  I would definitely recommend any class Frank teaches.” ~

“My wife and I took a private lesson with Frank and since it was her first time firing a weapon I wanted it to be under the guidance of someone with experience and knowledge, both of which Frank provided. The lesson stressed firearm safety and proper loading, unloading and storage of the firearm which I felt was extremely important and that Frank did with expertise and patience. We fired a .22 rifle which was a good introductory weapon and the lesson was a great introduction to firearms for my wife. I highly recommend Frank and his company for any type of lesson either private or group lessons. I look forward to taking more instruction with Frank in the spring.” ~

“The reloading class with Renaissance Firearms Instruction came at the perfect time. I had just purchased reloading equipment and was very intimidated. I had seen Youtube videos showing the awful disasters of reloading improperly, so I wasn’t very comfortable trying to use the equipment without the advice of a professional. Frank is knowledgeable and the class is at a pace that lets you understand and process the information. Thanks for taking my fears away and offering valuable information and tips.” ~

“Even before I took my first NRA Rifle Safety Course, I contacted him about a private lesson. I was so nervous, but after the hour, not only did I feel more comfortable but educated enough to understand how to respect a firearm. Frank’s lessons and classes are worth the time to invest in because he makes sure you are right on target during a one on one experience.  Through his website the next experience was walking down a sanded path, through trees and into a cleared field knowing that a great group of folks were going to shoot some of the most historic collection of guns from wars past is an experience I can never stop talking to people enough about! Shooting those weapons and learning the history of each one, brought the past alive and filling us with an endless feeling of pride that he felt while being a part of  Top Shot. New friendships, watching peoples eyes light up in wonder and feeling the fire inside by joining the world of firearms is a huge honor bestowed upon us all. Thanks Frank!” ~

“I contacted Frank for a private lesson with my new Glock 26. I liked having the option of using my own firearm, although Frank offered sever options for a free loaner WITH AMMO! I also found the provided Peltor ear protection to be very comfortable. The expertise of instructor Frank Melloni was beyond helpful. He has an incredible ability to teach in a very relaxed atmosphere. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate it a 10.” ~

“I enjoyed NRA Basic Rifle and especially enjoyed the Henry cowboy action and survival rifles. I also enjoyed private instruction using my own rifle on a couple of occasions. Frank has helped me to go from rank beginner to confident novice in a focused but relaxed way. My shooting has improved in the critical areas of trigger and breath control. I am more capable in zeroing in my rifle and am consistently shooting decent groupings. Thanks Frank!” ~

“As a new gun owner I had no shooting experience and only had some very basic knowledge that I picked up in reading gun magazines. After 2 hours of your tutelage I learned how to safely handle and accurately fire my weapon. I was glad that you spent time teaching me the function, parts, safety, security and cleaning of my handgun. And I am really greatful that you covered range etiquette (nobody wants to look like a fool at the range). You took the time to instruct me and demonstrate proper stance, grip and sighting prior to me firing any rounds. I was thrilled with this approach as it helped me feel a lot more confident about shooting before I fired a single round. When it was time to shoot, I could not believe how good my first 3 shots were. Obviously, the time we used on the “basics” was time well spent. Naturally, I continued to improve as you observed and tweaked my shooting.  I will definitely be calling upon you again to help me further refine my marksmanship skills, and to train me in other weapons that I will be acquiring. I can assure you that I will, without hesitation, recommend Renaissance Firearms Instruction to my friends, family and coworkers.” ~

“Yesterday I invested in private pistol instruction with an expert. As a woman, it is not a common interest or discussion in social gatherings.  I hesitated to express my interest to but a few friends.  I hadn’t gone target shooting for many years.  I finally worked up the courage to seek out formal instruction.  I found Renaissance Firearms Instruction and scheduled a lesson.  Frank is a most knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging instructor.  I learned about the pistol components, safety, safety, safety; proper handling, proper stance, proper aiming and firing of my firearm. I began the lesson feeling nervous about my lack of skill and completed the lesson with a sense of confidence and a desire to continue to improve my skills.  Frank, you are an excellent educator. Thank you.” ~