NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

We have returned to a 100% instructor led course – NO MORE ONLINE SESSIONS!

The NRA Basic Pistol shooting Course is a perfect start for anybody looking to get into plinking,  concealed carry or competition shooting. This course will help a new shooter decide which handgun would suit their needs best before having to purchase one. This course will teach new shooters the fundamentals of proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control, leading to improved marksmanship and handling skills. Experienced shooters also have the opportunity to learn new skills, and gain awareness of any bad habits they didn’t even know were there. Above all firearms safety is emphasized.

The classroom and range practical sessions are kept small in order to give each shooter close attention to help improve their technique.

Recent popularity has been gained by those who live in a household with firearms. Through this course you can expect a thorough education on the mechanics of firearms, as well as an EXTENSIVE review of firearms safety. With the help of this class you can expect to be alleviated of any fear of the firearms in your home, as well as have a new understanding of the joys of the shooting sports.

This course is also a prerequisite if you become interested in taking the NRA’s “personal protection outside the home” course, it also is required by many states to get your concealed carry weapons permit such as  Connecticut, Maine, Virginia, and Florida.

Many ranges throughout the country require this to shoot on their premises as well (popular in Pennsylvania)

In this course we cover:

  • The Parts of a Pistol
  • The Different Types of Pistol
  • Shooting Fundamentals (Grip, Stance, Trigger control, Sight alignment)
  • Shooting Positions (Benchrest, One Handed. Two Handed)
  • Marksmanship Improvement
  • Cleaning

Materials necessary:

  • A valid pistol permit for the state the course is held in if applicable (NY,NJ,MA,CA). New Yorkers Click HERE for an application.
  • A .22 caliber pistol (optional)
  • Eye and Ear protection (but will be made available if needed)
  • Pen

Courses only open to U.S. Citizens or Non-U.S. citizens who are: (1) lawful permanent residents (e.g., green card holders), (2) refugees, or (3) individuals who have been granted asylum.

Visa holders (Work, Travel,  Ect.) are not eligible for any courses involving firearms.

Shooters are encouraged to bring their own pistols and ammunition if they already them, however there will be several available if you do not own a firearm yet. Eye and Ear protection will be made available but every shooter is again encouraged to bring any safe protective equipment that they feel comfortable using.

Each shooter will receive The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Handbook as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  There will also be an opportunity to gain the basic range practical rocker patch during the range session.

Join our mailer for announcements on when this course will be offered next, this course can be brought to your local range or gun club, or taught to a group with as few as 4 shooters, please inquire for pricing and availability.