Legal Use of Force Course (Article 35)

Legal Use of Force Education (Article 35)

NY Article 35 - Use of ForceThis course is a must for anyone who has firearms and could potentially use them for self-defense! It has also been good in helping New York residents in asking the licensing officer (judge) for a full carry license without any restrictions. As well, it has been successful in putting many judge’s minds at ease with removing restrictions, such as sportsman, for those currently holding a pistol license.

This course is taught by Matthew Mallory, a currently sworn law enforcement officer, New York State DCJS/MPTC Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, and an International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA) Member. Matt has put hundreds of hours into developing this course. On top of his training around the world, in the military and law enforcement, he continuously attends training nationally in self-defense and firearms, both as a student and as an instructor. Annually, he meets with county judges, sheriffs, and DAs, has met with and interviewed people who are survivors of deadly encounters, and interviews people on his show Meet The Pressers.

This course will break down the NY penal code in layman’s terms making it easy to understand. Fused with thought provoking scenarios and real life stories, this knowledge will be a helpful tool for if you are ever presented with a similar situation. Those who decide to defend themselves with or without a firearm, in or outside of their home, must know New York State law as it pertains to the justification to use deadly physical force (DPF) as a defense against deadly physical force. Learn even more by watching scenarios unfold in the Laser Ammo Video Scenario Trainer simulator.

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