Civilian TASER Course

Civilian TASER Course

Note: Due to a NY court ruling in March of 2019, Axon, the manufacturer of TASER, is now allowing the sale of their Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs) to New York residents!

Read more about the ruling here: Review the TASER device regulations by state.

Why would I want to carry a TASER? Some people chose not to carry a firearm. Not to mention, not all situations call for a firearm but may call for less-lethal force to stop a threat against you. It makes sense to use TASER at 15′ vs. getting into a hands-on close-quarters-battle with someone. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

This course is taught by Matt Mallory, the first TASER Civilian Instructor in New York State, and will cover: Use of Force Guidelines, TASER Function, Nomenclature & Operation, Proper use of a TASER, Levels of awareness, Live fire exercise, and much more! Knowing how to correctly and efficiently use a TASER can also indemnify you in court. Signup for the course below and purchase your TASER products here, though not required for this course.

Prerequisite: Must be 21 or older
Exposure: You will NOT be shocked/lit-up in this class
Length of Course: 3 hours
What to Bring: Notebook & Pen
Dress Attire: Comfortable clothing with a thick and secure belt

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A CEW, a.k.a. TASER, is a non-lethal means of self-protection. A TASER can be owned and carried by law-abiding citizens over, 18 years of age, consistent with their local laws and restrictions. A TASER‘s ability to immediately incapacitate by short-circuiting the attacker’s central nervous system makes it in many cases a more reliable and defensible use of force. The TASER Pulse+ provides civilians with the same technology used by law enforcement nationwide but with a longer exposure time (30 seconds vs 5 seconds). This is a less lethal option for civilians to temporarily incapacitate an assailant without the legal ramifications of using deadly force.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I allowed to have a TASER in my state?
A: In New York Penal Code 265.01 (1), the law regarding the possession of electronic dart guns and electronic stun guns, was struck down in court in March of 2019. The current directive to law enforcement in NY is not to enforce the law. We have confirmed this with multiple District Attorney offices in the state. We also received confirmation that the State Police were given a directive not to enforce the law due to the judge’s ruling. This does not mean all law enforcement in the state will know this or that you may not run into issues. This is why we suggest, to our students, to keep a copy of the ruling on them. Due to the SCOTUS ruling in March of 2016 NY politicians can see that the NY law on TASERS and stun guns will also be deemed unconstitutional, by SCOTUS, and that is why they are not appealing the decision and instead have put forth Senate Bill S4849. This bill, when it becomes law, will fully allow possession of these devices. Matt went to Albany in June and met with Senator Hoylman’s office to talk about the bill and has been in touch with them since on its progress. Being that, in May of 2019, the governor signed law removing criminal sanctions associated with possessing gravity knives, there is no reason why he would not sign Senate Bill S4849 into law. Each state has their own restrictions and laws. Here is a list of TASER laws state by state.

Q: Can I have a TASER on me, outside of my home, for self-defense and if so does it need to be concealed?
A: As noted above, there is no enforceable law regarding the possession of electronic dart guns and electronic stun guns, in the state of New York. That said, you can legally open carry a TASER in public, in NY. HOWEVER, due to this being a new win in the courts we suggest that you keep it concealed. Not to mention, as with handguns, we suggest concealment for the element of surprise as well as not being targeted. Each state has their own restrictions and laws. Here is a list of TASER laws state by state.

Q: In this course, do I need to “feel it” so I know the effects myself?
A: No! Unlike in the Law Enforcement training, where we highly suggest that the recruits/students “ride the lightning”, in this course, civilians are strictly forbidden from being exposed during the class.

Q: Does the Pulse+ work like the Law Enforcement X2 or X26 versions of the TASER?
A: Yes the Pulse+ shoots two probes out, expels AFIDs, and you can drive stun after the probes are deployed, just like the law enforcement versions.