Matthew Mallory

Matthew Mallory – Multi state CCW & Article 35 instructor

Matt Mallory is our dedicated Multi-State Concealed Carry Weapons Permit instructor. He is certified by the state of Utah to conduct this required course to obtain this permit, allowing concealed carry in more than 30 state.

While in the United States Army Matt qualified as expert with the hand grenade and continually re-qualified expert with the M16A2 rifle. This earned him the Army Marksmanship Qualification Badge for Rifle and Grenade. Matt had hand to hand combat training part of which was with a bayonet and he went through a tear gas chamber with and without an M40 Field Protective Mask. He was his Unit Armorer in charge of the management, maintenance and control of over 400 weapons. Over his years in the military he maintained and shot a variety of weapons to include the M16A2 5.56x45mm rifle, M203 40x46mm grenade launcher, M60 7.62x51mm machine gun, Beretta M9 9x19mm pistol and Hand Grenades.

Matt’s Law Enforcement career includes many hours of classroom time with training on the law, training on handcuffs, OC (pepper spray) and hands on experience with situations that called for him to put that training to use on many occasions. To further his experience and fill the never ending desire for learning, Matt has taken many firearms, emergency services and survival courses from SEMO, FEMA and many other notable organizations.

Matt also works closely with Long Island’s own Laser Ammo helping to sell and develop the latest in dry fire practice of realistic scenarios.