Chris Scarpitta

Chris Scarpitta

Chris Scarpitta’s knowledge base spans across both rural and urban environments.  He grew up in Queens, New York and first sparked his interest in guns as a teenager with air rifles.

With limited space, he would practice shooting in his basement. Alongside spending several years with the Boy Scots of America, he took an interest to learning more about shooting and quickly progressed to other rifles, learning the fundamentals of both close and long range shooting as well as proper safety.

At the age of 18, Chris moved to Suffolk County, New York and it wasn’t before long before he would meet Frank Melloni, who introduced him to refined shooting with rimfire and centerfire rifles.  From here he would build on his knowledge with every trip to the range and ultimately move on to purchasing his own guns and eventually building AR-15 rifles. His passion would also lead him to study survival gear and tactics as he routinely hikes the Appalachian Trail.

As a seasoned professional in project management, Chris is accustomed to environments where it is crucial to be calm, accurate and helpful to others.  Naturally, the next step would be for him to share his combined professional and recreational skills with others on the range, as an instructor.

Chris’s in-depth knowledge of rifles and his experience in teaching and mentoring others is an asset to the renaissance team.