Our Team

Frank Melloni has a life driving passion for shooting. Growing up in Suffolk County he spent his childhood shooting air rifles, later progressing to rimfire rifles and after obtaining property in North Eastern Pennsylvania, centerfire rifles and pistols.

Barbara Melloni

Barbara has one true passion, and that is the instruction of others in the world of rifle marksmanship, and the history and heritage of those who came before us which allowed us to have such rights and liberties to enjoy this great hobby.

 Chris Scarpitta

Chris Scarpitta is a city slicker turned country boy.  He grew up in Queens, New York and first sparked his interest in guns as a teenager with air rifles.

Born in Italy, Marco came to the United States as a child and grew up in Queens, NY.

Keith Chambery grew up on Long Island at a time when “The Western” was king of television and movies.

Learning the respect and fun of the shooting sports at an early age from his father, Matt became a life long shooter and outdoors man from the start.

From muzzle loaders to machine guns, Sean has experience in the most unique array of firearms.

Growing up next to a range made shooting a natural path for David Hildesheim

Erik Lundoy has his roots in Suffolk county, New York. The first challenge in his path to marksmanship  was to overcome an environment that did not promote the shooting sports.

Finding opposition at first to pursue the shooting sports, Sam now has his entire family elbow to elbow on the range.